Yellow-Collared Macaw: Bird Species Profile

Enchanting, smart, and also amusing, yellow-collared macaws give all the individuality of a sizable macaw in a smaller sized, even more budget friendly, and easier-to-care-for mini macaw plan. The yellow-collared macaw is a vibrant, appealing bird that may make an extraordinary friend for the right manager.

Species Overview
COMMON NAMES: Yellow-collared macaw, golden-collared macaw, yellow-naped macaw, Cassin’s macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ara auricollis or Primolius auricollis

GROWNUP SIZE: 15 to 17 ins, analyzing between 8 as well as 10 ozs

LONGEVITY: Upwards of fifty years

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Origin and History

Yellow-collared macaws are actually indigenous to core South America. In the wild, yellow-collared macaws create limited connections with their mate and are actually rarely apart, even when in a group.

Some identify this bird in the Ara genus as a little parrot identical to serious macaws. Others put this bird in the Primolius genus along with different mini macaws like the Illiger’s macaw, which is one of the yellow-collared’s closest associations.


Tender, but rather mischievous, the yellow-collared macaw has an online reputation for being a intelligent as well as resourceful little bit of parrot. It prospers on attention coming from its manager and also will seek that attention whatsoever important. Count on a welcoming when you get property as well as lots of passion and also affection, whether you desire it or not.

Although some are actually one-person birds, a lot of yellow-collared macaws produce phenomenal loved ones animals. When a bird is hung out younger, it aids. They are usually pleasant by nature. These qualities are actually expansions coming from their coupling and also crowding intuitions, which they will happily encompass their human flock.

Given the correct amount of instruction, affection, as well as discipline, these birds may end up being loyal and also affectionate family pets that form deep and also resilient bonds along with their managers. Nonetheless, if this bird carries out not obtain consistent training from a younger grow older, then it could be an areal, sharp bird.

While yellow-collared macaws are normally certainly not as raucous as bigger macaws, they are actually much more than capable of being fairly loud when the state of mind strikes. Some folks also review their phone call to a gull. This noise amount creates all of them certainly not suited for condo or condo lifestyle.

Speech and Vocalizations

Several yellow-collareds are skilled talkers. They can claiming many words and also phrases. Some owners have actually kept in mind that the yellow-collared macaw can easily speak with even more clearness than bigger species. Even so, no parrot is ever promised to chat. Carry out refuse a bird for its own speaking ability alone.

Yellow-Collared Macaw Colors and also Markings

Yellow-collared macaws possess primarily green body systems in different shades. The birds’ lengthy maroon rears have a brilliant blue shade on the tips.

The forehead on this bird is a bluish-black color, which is actually a stark contrast to the big white eye patches that encompass an orange eye. The beaks are mainly black, fading in to a white colored goal by the end of the upper jaw, as well as their feet are actually flesh-colored.

Because this is a monomorphic types of bird, the guys and also women appear alike. DNA sexing or a medical sexing technique are the only methods to identify the sexual activities apart. The different colors of this bird’s quill is without gloss as a young bird; its own shades will definitely come to be a lot more brilliant along with grow older.

Taking care of a Yellow-Collared Macaw

Yellow-collared macaws, like several other mini macaw varieties, have an online reputation for affixing on their own to the person who looks after them very most. They yearn for attention and also communication, and as a result of this, they’re certainly not the correct option if you don’t have several hours a day to commit them.

These mini macaws are little getaway artists, which contains coming from their in some cases mischievous and also curious personality. These are much smaller parrots, they still need to have a huge cage to discover as well as stretch their legs as well as airfoils.

Parrots tend to perform better along with good support, therefore always remember to disregard poor habits as well as incentive really good. When your macaw gets a little unruly away from the cage, in some cases all it needs to repair the actions is actually to place it back on its post. Along with a little bit of patience, it is going to know what will maintain you happy, which is all it prefers.

Yet another important is actually a meal of water for a birdbath. These macaws are delighted with water as well as is going to splash around to their center’s capacity if offered a possibility.

Common Health Problems

Yellow-collared macaws are actually fairly healthy and balanced, long-lived birds however are actually at risk to some usual pet bird afflictions:

  • Proventricular Dilatation Disease (Macaw wasting condition brought on by a virus).
  • Feather deciding on.
  • Psittacosis (parrot fever, chlamydiosis bacterial infection).
  • Various other microbial, viral, and also fungus contaminations.
  • Eating plan as well as Nutrition.

The variation of crazy yellow-collared macaws is reasonably little, it extends several nations. The bird eats a wonderful variety of nearby fruits, almonds, seeds, as well as plant life. A dog yellow-collared must consume a diet that is actually just like varied.

Macaws, depending upon their dimension, will eat regarding 1/2 to 3/4 mug of parrot mix and also regarding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruits and veggie daily. Deliver new alcohol consumption water everyday. Supplement that along with almonds as well as seeds to maintain the bird delighted and healthy and balanced.

Never feed these birds avocados, delicious chocolate, rhubarb, coffee beans, or even alcohols as they could be harmful.


Yellow-collared macaws reside to participate in. This macaw needs to have a lowest of 1 to 2 hrs of leisure beyond the crate each day to permit it extend and exercise his legs, beak, as well as airfoils. This moment is also a favorable instant for training, whether it be actually showing the bird to speak or fun bird secrets. They really love to clown all around, and you’ll possess considerable amounts of exciting emphasizing this portion of their individual.

When outside the crate, a sturdy play stand with a location for treats and also toys is actually important for these playful little bit of acrobats. Great parrot toys need to be hard and numerous in and out of the cage. The yellow-collared macaw needs to stay occupied, so the even more bird-safe playthings you can offer your bird, the healthier it will certainly be.

Hardwood, leather-made, and also rope are superb products, as well as make certain to have back-ups offered so you can change used playthings.

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Where to Adopt or Buy a Yellow-Collared Macaw.

If you are interested in a macaw or even any sort of kind of parrot, don’t overlook this varieties in favor of a larger or even more vibrant bird. They’re easily accessible in the pet business as well as should be pretty very easy to find. See a few birds as well as, as soon as you communicate along with a yellow-collared macaw, you will certainly view that these little bit of appeals may be impressive.

Before purchasing a tiny macaw from a bird retail store or even breeder, check animal shelters and saving institutions. They can easily cost coming from $1,500 to $2,500. Online resources can easily point you in the best direction of dog breeders or even rescues:.

  • Bird Breeders.
  • Birds Now.
  • Take on a Pet.

The Beauty of Birds is actually an institution that keeps a directory of professional parrot dog breeders in the U.S. If considering a bird breeder, see to it you interview the breeder, check out the basic wellness of their birds, browse through their living circumstances, and consult with previous customers. Signs you ought to steer clear of the breeder feature confined living problems, non-active birds, and also breeders who prevent your concerns or do not appear to have much info on their birds.

Charming, cunning, and amusing, yellow-collared macaws deliver all the character of a huge macaw in a smaller sized, a lot more budget friendly, as well as easier-to-care-for mini macaw plan. The yellow-collared macaw is a dynamic, stimulating bird that can make an extraordinary friend for the right owner.

Others place this bird in the Primolius category along with different mini macaws like the Illiger’s macaw, which is actually one of the yellow-collared’s closest relationships. Some are actually one-person birds, most yellow-collared macaws produce remarkable family members animals. While yellow-collared macaws are actually commonly certainly not as loud as larger macaws, they are extra than competent of being actually very loud when the mood strikes.