Illiger’s Macaw (Blue-Winged Macaw)

Attractive, spirited, and also enchanting, the Illiger’s macaw has actually expanded in recognition as an easily trainable household pet bird. Named the blue-winged macaw, it is a small parrot that needs lots of attention. As an extremely social bird, it intends to be part of the household. Due to the fact that they believe they can’t deal with a much larger bird, most folks pick a mini macaw varieties. Nonetheless, appears can be scamming. An Illiger’s macaw appears mini but behaves much like the major fellas.

Types Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Illiger’s macaw, Illiger’s mini macaw, blue-winged macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ara maracana or Primolius maracana

GROWNUP SIZE: 15 to 17 inches


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Source and also History

The selection of the Illiger’s macaw is towards the southerly part of core South America, featuring the rainforests and woodlands of central as well as eastern Brazil, northern Argentina, as well as most of Paraguay. The birds prosper on palms plants.

The bird acquired its own name coming from German zoologist Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger, that initially described the birds to the clinical neighborhood.

Illiger’s populaces in the untamed are put at risk and considered an endangered varieties as a result of to habitation damage. For many farmers, the birds are looked at bugs. Farmers as well as grains’ crops have actually ended up being a substitute for their fading away healthy food sources.

Baby macaws wanted for the animal exchange are often snagged from nests. The U.S. prohibits the bring in of wild-caught birds that are jeopardized or even threatened. This includes Illiger’s macaws.


Illiger’s macaws are fun, friendly birds that delight in human interaction. As a proprietor, if you maintain an also temperament, you will definitely usually discover it reflected in your understanding bird.

These birds require a ton of mental stimulation, and also they as if to stay occupied. They wish to belong to the action in a house and also are going to often stray around looking for one thing that stimulates their interest or even will remain on your shoulder to view what you’re doing. Their curiosity and also simple wit also help them answer quickly to positive training methods.

While Illiger’s macaws may not be known to become especially loud, they are still macaws, as well as they carry out possess some vocalisms.

Speech and also Vocalizations

An Illiger’s call is actually usually matched up to a crow, as well as you can easily anticipate greetings along with attention-getting telephone calls when they intend to participate in. Some proprietors have located the noise to become excessive. They are actually mild talkers, as well as some individuals can easily discover numerous words. They possess a clown-like personality and also commonly startle their proprietors with amusing responses.

Illiger’s Macaw Colors and also Markings

Illiger’s macaws are mainly green with a sunny red blaze on their foreheads. The feathers of the neck and also the top of the head are a beautiful rainbowlike blue.

This types has actually orange eyes mounted by the traditional bare macaw face spots. Their black beaks are huge for their dimension, as well as they have flesh-colored feet and also legs.

While Illiger’s macaws are actually considered monomorphic birds, indicating males and also girls look alike, the males usually tend to display more reddish coloration in their plumes than the ladies. Young macaws will definitely certainly not possess the vivid colourings of adults, however on time, this will definitely produce.

Taking care of the Illiger’s Macaw

If you want possessing an Illiger’s macaw, make certain that you have a considerable amount of time to devote through this bird. If it believes forgotten, it will certainly become uninterested, irritated, and also harmful. A forgotten or even depressing macaw is actually no fun to become about, and also owners will rapidly know that these birds can easily and do have grudges if they are actually ill-treated.

Illiger’s macaws are actually powerful chewers. A furious Illiger’s can damage doors, windowsills, and pricey creating. Offer Illiger’s macaws lots of safe bird playthings to keep all of them kept as well as enriched with activity.

If feasible, think about taking on two birds. They can easily maintain each various other firm and also occupied, which can do surprises for the birds’ wellness.

Throughout its own progression, it is going to have a nippy stage. Effective training along with beneficial reinforcement is vital to making this period masquerade quickly as achievable. You may disregard the nips, eliminate your hands, as well as sidetrack the bird. Or when a bird nibbles, put the bird back in its own cage or even on its play stand to teach it that nipping performs not obtain awarded with opportunity with you.

These birds also need to have to fly. They are performers in the air along with elegant motions undetected in various other parrots. They need to have a cage that is large good enough to support some tour. Look at the biggest crate you can easily pay for– a high-grade one that can last the bird’s lifetime– along with a minimal dimension of 3 by 4 shoes and a minimum of 4-feet high.

Just before acquiring an Illiger’s macaw, look at the high expense of ownership. The vet expenses, high-grade feed, toys, and crate expenses accumulate swiftly. Consider waiting till you can if you can not deliver your bird along with the best of whatever.

Additionally, think about spending a long time along with a bird that you are actually considering for your home. They can be temperamental. If the bird possesses potential behavior concerns before delivering it residence along with you, make an effort to discover.

Common Health Problems

In the wild, this types lives for approximately 40 years. Along with suitable care in bondage, Illiger’s can easily live concerning 60 years. Illiger’s are actually at risk to the very same illness as other macaws. These sickness consist of proventricular dilatation disease (peripheral nervous system disorder), psittacine beak and feather health condition (a fatal viral infection), psittacosis (a bacterial health condition), beak malocclusion (beak imbalance), and also aspergillosis (a fungal disease).

Diet regimen as well as Nutrition

Illiger’s macaws in the wild eat a diet regimen that is higher in fat deposits than various other macaw species to satisfy their high-energy necessities. Considering that this bird can burn a lot of calories, it needs to possess a high-grade, nourishing diet to meet its calorie demands.

Nourish your Illiger’s a diet regimen containing high quality seed and also pellet mix as well as a diverse mixture of new bird-safe vegetables and fruits daily. Any sort of fresh foods that you put in your Amazon’s cage need to be actually removed when feeding time ends. You can easily assume that the bird will definitely eat about 10 per-cent of its own body system weight per day.

Illiger’s may end up being tired with the very same meals daily. They can easily become picky eaters at times. Toxic parrot foods items to steer clear of include coffee, delicious chocolate, and also avocado.

Physical exercise

In the untamed, the Illiger’s macaw is a bird on the relocation. Planning to allow their Illiger’s macaw a minimum required of 2 to four hours of play outside of the cage every day. Leather-made, grains, and ropes will definitely also be actually accepted playthings for this amusing macaw.

Where to Adopt or Buy an Illiger’s Macaw

Because it is challenging to verify whether an imported Illiger’s macaw is captive-bred or wild-caught, bush Bird Protection Act of 1992 bans the bring in of all Illiger’s macaws to the U.S. Although they are actually hard to find, several breeding courses in the U.S. helped to escalate the species coming from birds actually in the U.S. before the bring in restriction.

You may find Illiger’s macaws online at a premium from $1,000 to $3,000. Check breeders, rescues, as well as adopting solutions online:

  • Bird Breeders
  • Petfinder
  • Embrace a Pet

Beautiful, fun, and captivating, the Illiger’s macaw has actually developed in level of popularity as a simply trainable pet bird. If you are interested in having an Illiger’s macaw, create certain that you possess a whole lot of opportunity to devote along with this bird. Offer Illiger’s macaws a lot of protected bird toys to maintain all of them kept and improved with task.

Or when a bird bites, placed the bird back in its own crate or on its play stand up to educate it that nipping does certainly not receive compensated with opportunity with you.